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What is Laser hair removal?

Personal hygiene is essential for looking appealing and clean. As an alternative to shaving and waxing, laser hair removal for men has arisen. The procedure keeps your beard looking good and eliminates unwanted hair from your chest and legs. The procedure was once chosen by women, but the remarkable results have enticed men to undertake it as well.

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure that suppresses hair growth in specific places permanently. The procedure allows you to maintain a clean physique while saving you time and money on shaving.

Men Laser hair removal  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE is a cosmetic procedure for removing unwanted hair.

Perfect Doctors Clinic provides cutting-edge laser technology for men’s grooming. We assist our clients in a way that makes the entire procedure more pleasant.

How long will Laser hair removal results last for men?

Men Laser hair removal results can endure for years, and in most cases, they are permanent. However, bear in mind that you may want touch-up treatments to maintain the region looking its best, especially with facial treatments.


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How Does Laser Hair Removal Work for Men?

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that reduces hair growth by targeting hair follicles. Lasers deliver pulses of light energy into the skin to target the roots and hair follicles. Laser rays weaken and thin the hair root and follicle, slowing down its growth.

In terms of hair growth, there are three stages.

  • Anagen (the stage of growth).
  • Catagen (the stage of transition).
  • Telogen (the dormant stage).

To acquire the best Laser hair removal results, the target hair must be in the anagen phase. Because different hair follicles are in different stages of growth at different times, each hair follicle requires many therapy sessions to be targeted.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Men

Male laser hair removal improves your appearance and makes you look more appealing. Other advantages of the treatment could include

  • Benefit from permanent hygiene and decreased perspiration.
  • Your body is perfect for the pool, beach, and swimming.
  • The face and beard require little upkeep.
  • It will save you time, effort, and money spent on shaving.
  • It will reduce razor friction and burn caused by stray facial hair.
  • Maintenance is not required for the chest, shoulder, back, or lower abdomen.
  • Athletes benefit from the treatment because they can push harder and run faster because there is less resistance.
  • The therapy allows sportsmen to have smooth skin.

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Body Areas that can be Treated

For men, laser hair removal is effective in the following areas:

Beard line and the neck – Shaving the areas below the can be time-consuming. Laser hair removal removes unwanted hair from below the beard line, neck, and above the cheek line, allowing you to have a crisp jawline and appealing cheekbone. The therapy assists you in deciding on the best beard design for you and maintaining it for a longer period of time.

Chest – For some people, having a hairy chest is a persistent cause of frustration. Laser hair removal for the chest removes hair from the chest so you may enjoy activities like swimming, going to the beach, and working out at the gym.

Back and shoulders – are difficult to shave, yet having a hairy back and shoulders makes you look less appealing. To improve your looks, laser hair removal for the back and shoulders should help you achieve hair-free and smooth skin.

Butt – Laser treatment for the butt might help you get rid of unwanted butt hair. Butt hair removal can help you maintain hygiene while also addressing ingrown hair issues.

Legs – Having hairy legs can be a source of persistent discontent. You cannot wear shorts during the summer if you have considerable hair on your legs. Laser hair removal for legs eliminates the problem by focusing on hair development on your legs.

Public Area – Brazilian laser hair removal for men might help you minimize hair growth in the buttocks areas. The procedure prevents razor burns, allergies, and unsanitary odor. The procedure is performed securely by a trained practitioner, and your privacy is maintained throughout.

How Much Does MEN Laser hair removal Cost?

Male laser hair removal average cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 100 to AED 500 in Jumeirah clinics and hospitals.  

Men should be wary of many plastic cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic clinics, and hospitals offering a very low-cost without safety.

Affordable laser hair removal costs vary depending on the treatment complexity and the surgeon’s expertise (a consultation is expected for an exact price estimate).

Perfect Doctors Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Jumeirah, UAE, will Quote you charges with a reasonable hair removal hospital cost to pay. Book your consultation here today or Call us now at +971561917976

Why Does an Average Man Get Laser Hair Removal?

An average male must maintain his masculine image as well as his hygiene by removing excess hair from various body regions. An beautiful look is impacted by overgrown hair. If you have hair growth on your back, neck, chest, or arms, it may be tough to wear some tight sports apparel.

  • For eyebrows, breadlines, and ears, men need laser hair removal.
  • Men become more alluring when their facial hair is removed.
  • For men to enjoy summer apparel, it is necessary to remove chest and leg hair.
  • Hair removal from the shoulders and back can easily be used to maintain body hygiene.

Does it hurt during laser hair removal for men?

During the laser hair removal procedure, there is not much discomfort. The procedure is painless and feels like a rubber band snapping on your ear.

Traditional hair removal treatments are more painful than laser hair removal; waxing and shaving are both more painful than laser hair removal.

What to expect before and after the Juvederm filler?

The procedure's before and aftercare are critical to achieving the desired results.


  • Before the procedure, men should avoid sunbathing and using self-tanning products.
  • Before the laser hair removal procedure for men, the treatment area must be shaved.
  • This is necessary for the hair follicle to evenly transfer heat and prevent the skin’s surface from becoming overheated.

During Treatment

  • A gel is administered to make you feel calm and relaxed.
  • To safeguard your eyes, safety goggles are provided.
  • A laser machine is then moved across the skin’s surface.
  • The hair pigment (Melanin) precisely delivers laser energy to the hair follicle.
  • Future development is reduced since the heat of laser radiation damages the fair follicle.
  • therapy time is determined by the size of the therapy.


  • The skin becomes heated and red after the laser hair removal procedure. Itching can also be caused by the skin.
  • Cooling gels are prescribed by the doctor and should be applied to the treatment area.
  • Blisters may form on the treated areas of some persons, however they normally disappear after a few hours.

Why choose Dr. Perfect Doctors surgeon for male Laser hair removal In Dubai?

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Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Can you laser male Pubic hair?

Yes, laser hair removal may be conducted safely on male pubic areas. The treatment is safe to use on places such as the genital area, underarms, legs, and chest. Laser Skin Care Clinic is your next destination in Dubai for male pubic hair removal.

How many sessions do men need for laser hair removal?

Typically, 3 to 6 sessions over several months are required. They can afterwards attend to maintenance sessions.

Is it normal for men to get laser hair removal?

Yes, laser hair removal is very popular among men. Their primary goal is to have a hair-free physique in order to preserve hygiene and look nice.

Does laser affect sperm?

The laser has no effect on sperm production or erectile function. Our practitioners have the necessary experience to carry out the procedure safely.

Is laser hair removal safe on Testicles?

Yes, laser hair removal on testicles is safe provided the light intensity is managed such that it does not enter into the deeper tissues of the testicles.



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